4 Incredible Benefits Of Human Growth Hormone Replacement

At HealthGains the goal is to strive for a healthier, fitter and well body. One of the hormones that play an important part in wellness is the human growth hormone (HGH). The hormone is produced by the pituitary gland and is needed to grow, regenerate and maintain tissue. From the brain tissue to the tissue of vital organs of the body, the HGH keeps it all healthy. A number of articles on www.authoritynutrition.com expound on the qualities of HGH. Today we talk about 4 benefits of the growth hormone in detail.

• Healing The human growth hormone remains in the blood for a small period of time after it is secreted. The liver converts it into different growth factors that are then used by the cells of the body. Growth factors also maintain the mineral and bone metabolism. This led to research that showed that HGH promotes the healing of fractures. The process of bone regeneration speeds up when HGH is injected into the body. The most crucial growth factor, known as IGF-1, is the one that simulates bone metabolism.

• Muscle HGH also stimulates the production of collagen in our muscles and tendons. This increases the muscle strength and thus the physical capacity of an individual. In simple terms, promoting human growth hormone level in the body can help us exercise better by increasing our performance level. The more we are able to work out, the fitter our bodies. Studies done on men proved that males with a small degree of HGH improved upon a hormone replacement therapy. The muscle strength came back to optimal, thermoregulation saw a boost and exercise stamina built up.

• Bones One of the jobs of human growth hormone is to regulate bone growth. This is especially the case when a body is undergoing puberty. Upon release, the growth hormone is converted into insulin-like growth factor called IGF-1. Both IGF-1 and growth hormone work in tandem to form bones and bone-resorbing cells which increase bone mass. With age, the level of human growth hormone decreases in the body. Hence the bones tend to become brittle. Replacing the deficient hormone can create stronger bones.

• Weight In an experiment, it was seen that growth hormone speeds up lipolysis. This is the process of breaking down lipids in the body. It also includes the transformation of triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol. In layman terms, the human growth hormone accelerates weight loss. Even the reverse case, where a low level of HGH resulted in the loss of lipolysis was also observed. When an exercise regime, dietary plan and growth hormone work together, a successful loss of weight is seen blazingly fast. For recovering from broken bones or torn muscles, a small dose of human growth hormone is enough. But when it comes to increasing muscle strength and mass or working on weight reduction, a higher dose is needed. There is no doubt that human growth hormone is essential for a healthy child, young adult and adults. From anti-ageing to overall wellness, HGH can show wonders.

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