Buying A Suitable Wine Refrigerator-Things To Consider

Buying a wine refrigerator is a necessity for most people. It is always a good idea to store your wine collection safely away from other food items. However, you just cannot buy any dual zone refrigerator for this purpose. There are several factors you need to consider before buying one. and related sites will guide you through some of the main factors that are involved in taking this decision.


The location is one the most important factors that you need to consider when buying the refrigerator. Some people will prefer placing it in the living area while others would need it in the utility area. This again will depend on where the compressor is noisy or silent. It is quite confusing as you may need the fridge in the living area for ease of access, however, the sound will be a disturbance.

Living area Nowadays wine refrigerators are being incorporated as part of the living area decor. However, the sound they produce is a factor to be considered. If you really want to place it in your living area, you should consider getting one which is of a smaller size. Try those which have a thermoelectric cooling rather than those having a traditional compressor. This will help control the sound issue.

Utility area Check your compressor efficiency if you are considering placing the refrigerator in the utility area. The temperature in utility areas may vary, especially if it is in the basement or garage. You have to make sure the compressor is powerful to withstand all these changes.

Storage needs Basically, there are two storage categories: – The built-in type and free standing type.

Racking requirements Carefully consider all the racking requirements before purchasing your wine refrigerator. You should not get one that will not serve the purpose and arrange all the wine bottles properly. There are many options you can choose from like

Bottle capacity

You have to keep in mind how many bottles of wine you would be storing. The present capacity, as well as the future requirements, have to be taken into consideration.

Temperature Zones Single temperature zone

Different varieties of wine need different temperatures to maintain the taste. The aging process also depends on particular temperatures. So if you are somebody who prefers one kind of wine, it is better to go for a single temperature zone.

Double temperature zone This is for those who prefer to store more than one type of wine at home. Such refrigerators will have individual compartments with manual temperature controls so that you can set the required level for each one.

Design Other factors to be considered include:- locking options, internal lighting, reversible door hinges, door design, thermostat options

All the above factors have to be considered carefully before you make a purchasing decision. It is always important that you the best for your home, get some idea on the different designs from good magazines or the internet. Choose the best within your budget and enjoy your wine collection at home!

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