Five Weird Ways Of Reducing Your Blood Pressure

If your blood pressure reached danger zone, how do you handle the situation? You start dietary food and limit or avoid sodium, and if that doesn’t help, you must look for other alternatives. It is hard to follow diet strategies to regulate blood pressure.

Do you want to decrease your blood pressure fast? Then you have come to the right place. The methods are given in this article Lower Blood Pressure Fast and help you lead a healthy and happy life.

The site guides you the methods of controlling and preventing diseases. You can check the different health diseases and their conditions and also the tips on healthy living.

The happy news is that you have a lot of out-of-the-box methods to reduce your blood pressure value. The weird methods of reducing your blood pressure discussed in this article are assured for a happy life and also decrease the blood pressure.

In a recent research conducted at the University of Edinburgh discovered that exposing your body to UV rays for some time can reduce the blood pressure level. The scientific reason is sunlight changes nitrate present in your skin into nitric oxide, a substance that supports dilate the blood vessels.

Another surprising fact is animals help you reduce the BP level. For this you don’t want to adopt a cat or puppy, just visiting a zoo gives you amazing benefits. People in Japan visited the zoo and they have noticed a drop in BP by 6% and their diastolic by 8%. Watching animals stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system, which decreases your blood pressure to support hinder stress-induced adrenaline spikes. You might be aware that human contact and warmth help reducing your blood pressure but even animals offer the same benefits.

The list includes lending a helping hand or volunteering in any activity. For example, adults volunteering minimum 200 hours per year are 40% fewer chances of blood pressure than the non-volunteers finds a recent study made by Carnegie Mellon University study. Volunteering in different activities enhances social networking, and it also facilitates to find solutions for your problems. You can learn the methods of face the challenges in positive ways and thus avoids the negative physiological effects due to stress. You can look for any local volunteering organization that fits your requirement.

Are you sitting at your desk the entire day? This increases your stress level further. You can reduce your stress level by meditating in your office chair for just 15 minutes a day and it also helps in lowering your blood pressure value. Don’t you know how to start the medication program? Now you can download the medication app in your Smartphone and thus guides you to perform meditation during lunch hour, or any free time.

Tune up your favorite music and just dance, and it facilitates to decrease the blood pressure. The blood pressure of musicians is lower when compared to non-musicians. Music has the ability to improve dopamine secretion in the brain and thus helps in dropping the blood pressure. Many people claimed that there is a decrease in BP level after listening to music.

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