How to choose a plastic surgeon

Are you musing over on a plastic or cosmetic surgery, it is essential to choose the right cosmetic surgeon as a wrong decision on selecting a physician will impact not only the way you look but also your confidence level for many years in your life? Dr Hanh Nguyen, Dr Adrian Brooks and Dr Daniel Luo at Sculpt Cosmetic Surgery say that a successful procedure is guaranteed if done by qualified and experienced surgeons. As per, there are many cosmetic surgeons but very few who have experience. Furthermore ending up with the wrong doctors not only costs you time and money but also lowers your self-confidence, so choosing the right surgeon is of utmost importance.

Here are a few handy tips to help you research and choose the best plastic surgeon to get the look you desire.

Doctor’s Reputation

Research on the physician’s available in your area. Ask friends for recommendations, check online for reviews on the doctor you have chosen. Check the track record of the doctor performing the procedure as this will give you a fair idea on the how experienced the surgeon is. Usually, surgeon’s information is available online, but if not the case you can always request for information from medical boards.

Qualification and Certification

Not all doctors are qualified to do all kinds of cosmetic procedures; they should be specially trained in cosmetic surgery to be qualified as a cosmetic surgeon. Most states will have medical boards specifically for cosmetic surgery. Check if the surgeon you have shortlisted is certified.

Doctor’s specialization and your procedure

In every field of work there is a subspecialty, so does the cosmetic surgery area. Check to find out if the physician is experienced and skilled in the area your procedure falls into. Skills differ from each area of cosmetic surgery. Hence a surgeon with a general specialization will be a risky proposition for you.

Facilities at the hospital

Visit the facility where the procedure will be conducted. Check if it has all the necessary equipment needed for surgery. Anesthetists play a significant role in all operations, make sure the surgeon operating works with a certified Anesthetists. Reputed hospitals and facilities are capable of handling any complications so opt for services which give you the assurance that you are in safe hands.

Effective communication with your surgeon

Make sure that you state your needs to the doctor. You and the surgeon should be on the same page with your expectations and the result. Find out if you can look at pictures of previous surgeries similar to the one you want to undergo. Most importantly the surgeon should be able to make you feel comfortable and confident about the outcome of the surgery.

Some queries to ask your doctor during your first few visits

Is the surgeon certified and the facility the procedure is conducted accredited?

Are the assistants in the facility trained and qualified?

Has the doctor performed the procedure before, if so how many?

How is the procedure performed?

Is it process painful, what is the recovery time?

Is Post surgery care needed?

Are revisions necessary and will it cost extra?

Keep these points in mind before choosing the best surgeon, to bring back the youthful look.

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