Why Is Fat Loss More Important Than Weight Loss Program?

Undoubtedly, the measure of body weight is an indicator of total body mass. However, this measurement does not describe the details of weight loss in the bathroom scales. More often people neglect to see the overall fat loss which is also part of the general fitness. At times the cellulite which contains the trapped toxins and excess water below the skin affects the appearance. They use ice to fight cellulite to get away from this issue. To know more about fat loss programs readers can browse the website www.livestrong.com/article/559109-definitive-answers-to-the-3-most-important-fat-loss-questions/ wherein they can read some valuable FAQs which clarify several points.

Now it is time for us to know the real difference between the weight loss and fat loss programs. When we talk about weight loss, it simply refers to the reduction of body weight which includes the total of muscle, bone, organs and body weight. Hence, one cannot separately see the weight of excess fat that is accumulated in the body. On the other hand, a fat loss indicates the reduction of body fat percentage with the total amount of fat the body carries. According to the experts, this percentage of 15 to 20 is normal for men. For women, this figure can be between 20-30% which is considered as normal. Hope, this clears the minds of the readers in knowing the real difference between weight loss and fat loss conditions.

Having known about the differences between these two weights, let us now look into the overall body weight and its compositions regarding percentages. For a normal and healthy adult, the muscle percentage should be around 30% and fat around 15%. Besides these, the water figure should be about 20% while the bone should have around 15%. The body organs attribute the balance 20%. These values are only approximate and may vary from person to person.

When you understand more about these above-said variables, the more you can follow the various factors that determine weight loss on the scales. Here, the percentage of fat is considered as crucial as your bathroom scale is unreliable due to several reasons. In general, while working with a fat loss plan, people tend to gain muscle, which will not be translated into results in the bathroom scales. Also, the water weight shown in these scales are not actual figures which are subjected to variations. It is for these reasons, bathroom weight scales are not entirely reliable in indicating the fat loss status in the overall body weight.

It is always important to know that any calorie restriction one has to understand the main difference between weight loss and fat loss conditions. This basic rule applies to everyone whether the person is a bodybuilder or an individual who looks to stay fit in overall appearance. Hence one has to plan a smart training and follow the right diet by knowing these real differences between weight loss and fat loss plans. It is no doubt that these programs are not the same things in the eyes of everyone.

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